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We love serving the Albuquerque community.

Thank you for 13 beautiful years.




To love and honor God


To love and honor self


To love and honor one another



Sacred Healing Massage & Bodywork is an inclusive community dedicated to creating conscious connections. WE believe that mindfulness is at the heart of all healing. Sacred Healing is dedicated to providing professional and knowledgeable massage therapy/alternative bodywork modalities to our community. WE believe in enriched health and that our souls purpose is to help others reach their highest level of awareness through the healing arts. 



To live in our God given authority by divine right every single day.


To operate a successful, profitable business that encourages enriched health throughout the Albuquerque community.


To always inspire more FUN. 




At Sacred Healing we believe that what goes in and on the body creates our reality of health. We believe that quality lotions, creams, and essential oils should create balance & never do harm. 



Tranquility is our desire at Sacred Healing. The environment is safe, relaxing, and calm. 


positivity, encouragement, smiles, and thoughtfulness are at the core of our beautiful OLD TOWN location. 

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